Orticolario for landscape culture and social engagement

Orticolario was born as a double-value event: charitable and social support purposes meet the desire to spread a refined landscape culture. The line separating the “two hearts” of the event is often thin, undefined. Each nuance of the project contributes to the same purpose, encapsulating a social essence and cultural intent. An inseparable core.

An ode to culture in all its forms.

The meticulous selection of nurserymen and exhibitors aims to share a precise awareness of the landscape and a sophisticated artistic quality. Everything converges towards this goal. For the students involved in the event’s realization, from setup to guided tours in Villa Antica, Orticolario becomes a significant educational and training moment. The events programme engages experts, landscapers, agronomists, and visionaries. Performances, experiences, and workshops evoke, surprise, and intrigue. Activities for children create a “bridge” of discovery for the youngest ones towards the world of advanced gardening.

The social heart.

Since 2009 Orticolario and all its side events have supported philanthropic projects. A shared intent between various realities towards a common charitable purpose. The organization supports five associations in the Lake Como area engaged in social projects and actively involved in the realization of the event. Since the first edition, thanks in part to contributions raised through the “Amici di rtticolario” Fund at the Fondazione Provinciale della Comunità Comasca, over 300,000 euros have been donated.

Did you know that…

*MidaTicket, ticketing partner, donates a contribution to the “Amici di Orticolario” fund for every admission ticket sold online.
*Participating in the Charity Dinner is a unique experience and makes an important contribution to the “Amici di Orticolario” fund.
*Participation in cultural events and workshops designed for children supports the “Amici di Orticolario” fund.
*Contributions received for the guided tour of the Ancient Villa are allocated to the “Amici di Orticolario” fund.
*The proceeds from the virtual tour of the Ancient Villa, an important cultural project, are donated to the “Amici di Orticolario” fund. 

*Throughout the year Orticolario curates various side initiatives, including the Christmas campaign, the proceeds of which  support the “Amici di Orticolario” fund.

The associations

Abio Como ODV
Support for hospitalized children and adolescents and their families


Associazione Volontari di P.S. Croce Azzurra ODV
Emergency-urgency services and health education


Gruppi di Volontariato Vincenziano ODV
Support activities for families and those in need


Cooperativa Sociale Sim-patia
Health care residence and day care center for people with disabilities


Cooperativa Sociale “Il Sorriso”
Social-educational reception center for people with disabilities

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