Juries & Awards


Spaces judged by

Technical Committee, which evaluates the breadth of the collection, attention to research, rarity of species, etc. (only for nursery exhibitors).

Aesthetic Committee, which judges staging of spaces, as well as lighting solutions 


Companies awarded by each Commitee are highlighted in the next edition’s catalogue, recognisable by the “Excellency” label.
It is recommended a correct labelling of each arboreal sample, as well as a harmonic staging as a whole.

Technical Committee

“Collection” Award for the most impressive collection.

“Super Specimen” Award for the plant that represents uniqueness in terms of shapes, sizes, colors, and/or fragrance in the edition.

“Rarity” Award for the best plant (novelty or rarity).

“Cultural Preparation” Award for the best labeling and preparation of nursery exhibitors on their plants, with particular attention to the types of plants selected for the edition.

Aesthetic Committee

“Best Art & Nature Project” Award.

“Best Design & Nature Project” Award.

“Best Products set-up” Award (for non-nursery exhibitors).

“Best Plants set-up” Award (for nursery exhibitors).

Creative Spaces

Spaces judged by 
the Creative Spaces Committee, which evaluates achievements according to various criteria including: consistency with the theme, correspondence between the presented project and its realization, quality and attention to detail, balance between shapes and volumes, lights and colors, conscious use of plants, quality in botanical selection, innovation of materials, genius loci, design idea, eco-sustainability, historical-artistic references.

“La Foglia d’oro del Lago di Como” Award to the best exhibit.

The award is conceived and exclusively created for Orticolario by Gino Seguso of the Vetreria Artistica Archimede Seguso / aseguso.com.

It is a curvaceous vase blown on Murano island (Venice) in which floats a golden leaf decorated with gold 24k.

Empathy Award for a space that narrates, communicates, and evokes emotions.

Other awards

Press Award for innovation of materials and eco-sustainability

Evaluation by accredited press.


Visitor’s choice Award for the creative space voted by the public.

Special Awards

President’s Award

“Gardenia” award for the nursery, exhibitor, or installation that is “memorable” for the edition

“Villa d’Este” award where style and elegance blend into a timeless tradition

“Villa Carlotta” award for the enhancement of art in the garden, where nature and human ingenuity coexist harmoniously.

“Grandi Giardini Italiani” award for a space capable of welcoming visitors while expressing art in all its forms, with particular attention to the intended use of the project, that is, its role for both the local community and tourists.

“AIAPP Matilde Marazzi” Award for an innovative space and contextually consistent with the themes of Simplicity, Beauty, Sustainability, which are fundamental qualities in landscape design, from the garden to the park, the city and beyond.